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MMMG recommends that many of the businesses that benefited from our 2018 Winning campaign to take advantage of our 2019 “Tools For Success.”


We help merchants holding invoices that include a 60- or 90-day wait time clause, which is employed by many major retailers. MMMG has developed a program that includes factoring company leads that will purchase small merchants’ accounts receivables for less points.


If the debtors have used deceptive or charlatan tactics to cheat and withhold funds that you are rightfully owed, we use our Legal Aid resources, located throughout the United States, to assist you. Each of our resources has the skills and experience needed to represent you as a client should you need legal action to recover your debt.


We are re-branding experts. We re-brand venture ideas, we jump start live events, hotel and motels, restaurants and clubs, bands and musicians, and a variety of business projects by implementing simple re-branding programs. Think of it as a business facelift.





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