Cuban National Television Ballet Company’s US Tour

Cuban National Television Ballet Company’s US Tour

Radio Havana Cuba, Thursday, February 4, 1999



Havana, February 4(RHC) — Cuba’s National Ballet Company will perform
In Centennial Hall in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday night as part of a
U.S. tour that will also take them to several other U.S. cities.

Audiences will be treated to performances of the ballet classic
“Giselle” with the choreography of Alicia Alonso, Director and
Founder of Cuba’s National Ballet.

The renowned ballet troupe will also perform in the McCullum Theater
In the California city of Palm Desert, the Wiltern Theater in Los
Angeles and in Berkeley, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Newark.

Cuba’s National Ballet Company performed in the U.S. last year and
Received outstanding reviews from the public and media, also produced by Samuel Roggers and Associates.


June 20, 1997
CUBAN TELEVISION BALLET CO. PRESS RELEASE Fusion 20000 40 City American Tour, Music, Vaudeville, Dance & A Little Bit Of The Circus (Based on Cuba’s cultural fusion) For nearly fifty years, the United States has not had the opportunity to experience one of the world’s greatest entertainment joys, Cuban song and ballet dancers and performers direct from Cuba. All of the Cuban Television Ballet Co. members are graduates from Cuba’s School of Ballet & Dance.

The Cuban Television Ballet Company was founded in 1967 by Louis Trapazo and Christy Dominguez, the first premier ballerina and teacher of Cuban stage dance. In January of 1993, Guillermo del Rosario, of Gap Del Caribe S.A. De C.V. (a Cancun based production company), a Cuban Producer General Manager, began to recruit 25 of Cuba’s most talented and beautiful male and female top dancers, specialty performers and a 14 member Cuban band, many of whom have previously performed throughout the world on both stage and television (where they have received many awards and acknowledgments), to show the excellence and professional talents of these performers. The Cuban Television Ballet Company members, Fusion 2000, are based in Cancun, Mexico, and all payments received go to the ballet cast and production company. The Cuban government is not included, nor does it receive any of the monetary proceeds.

Fusion 2000 is a collection of the expression of Cuban, Spanish, Mexican, African and American vaudeville, music, hot rhythms and dance, and skits of both past and present.

This presentation will prove to be one of the best, most exciting, most refreshing, stimulating, cultural musical and dance shows of all time. Fusion 2000 includes the award winning Perezoff Trio Cycling Troupe, featuring the Cuban master of cycling, Raul Perez Martinez. This medal winning act is something truly special to see.  Most of all, Fusion 2000 is funny, sexy, creative and dramatic, with 22 different dynamic scenes. The show is 21/2 non-stop hours in length… The show is the expression of the fusion of cultures portrayed by dance and music.

The Cuban Television Ballet Co.’s B CFusion 2000 BC is exclusively produced in the United States by Sirron Kyles of Samuel Roggers & Associates…P.O. Box 8305, Houston, Texas 77288…

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